About SEC

Health Economics Centre (SEC)

UAB Sveikatos ekonomikos centras (Health Economics Centre) is a private company (an independent legal body) with more than 27 years of experience in health and social economics. SEC was founded in 1993.

SEC specialized in research and consultancy as well as vocational training on national and international level. The Centre has particular experience in:

  • Design and management of financing systems, forecasting on macroeconomic and health sectors levels
  • Policy research in social insurance and health sectors
  • Cost benefit analysis, investment planning
  • Costing and pricing of health services and goods.

The outcomes of SEC researches are represented in more than 40 publications in Lithuanian and English languages, in a number of presentations at international conferences and seminars.

SEC receives orders and executes the respective requirements of the client for what it has the necessary expertise and experience. The organization has 15-years experiences of modelling health sectors for policy development as well as forecasting of demographic and financial parameters of social health insurance. Design of reforms (with emphasis on development of social health insurance) regarding objectives, instruments to be used, main legal provisions in regulations approved by a Parliament and/or a Cabinet of Ministers, monitoring and evaluation of implementation of reforms. Development of tools in health care planning, financial management, costing, evaluation.

The main instruments developed with contribution of SEC were as follows:

  • National remuneration systems for health care service providers in Lithuania (inpatient and outpatient services) and Georgia (primary health care);
  • Instruments for health technology assessment (taking into account direct and indirect costs) in Lithuania;
  • Development of national health accounts, investment planning and cost-benefit analysis on level of medical institutions as well as on national level.
  • Statistical analysis of interconnectivity between economic, social and epidemiological variables in health using data from statistical sources, primary data from health care providers, social insurance institutions, sociological surveys.

SEC has fulfilled number of projects for: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Protection and Labour, National Health Board, National Health Insurance Fund, SODRA, Social Protection Training and Research Centre, Health care institutions and their founders, other institutions and enterprises, the World Bank, Open Society Lithuania Fund, PHARE, World Health Organization, Norway Grants, International Health Development Group (Denmark), PLS RAMBOL Management (Denmark), GVG-Gesellschaft für Versicherungswissenschaft und -gestaltung e.V. (Germany), Health and CareTech Group (Sweden), TNO (Netherlands), BASYS (Germany), Conseil Santé S.A. (France), etc.