Project “Youth-Friendly Health Services Provision Model Creation”
2014 / September / 09

09/09/2014 - 10:14

26th of August 2014 the implementation contract of the tripartite project “Youth friendly health service provision model creation” came into force.

Project code – NOR-LT11-SAM-01-K-01-002. Project executor – Health economics centre. The project is financed through the 2009-2014 Norwegian mechanism program No. LT11 “Initiatives for public health” program. Project partners - Health training and disease prevention centre, Rokiskis primary health care centre, and  the Rokiskis region municipality Public health bureau.


The health of youth in Lithuania is lagging behind other members states of the EU and there is a lack of attention devoted to public health. Lithuania has one of the highest mortality rates, strongly influenced by external causes of death and the largest suicide rate in the EU. Other health related indicators are also worrying: relatively high underage pregnancy rates, high consumption of alcohol, high smoking prevalence and increasingly more youth is likely to be overweight than in the past. Research suggests that psychological and behaviour related factors (in 2010) accounted for 30% of all diseases that youth faces (DALY) while external health causes accounted for another 33% of deaths and illnesses. There is no single comprehensive, coordinated and adapted for youth health needs health care delivery model in Lithuania.
The goal of the project is to create and implement youth-friendly health services (YFHS) model in Lithuania whose main function - through service delivery protocols (pathways) to combine into a single network existing health care services and improve cooperation among these to provide effective youth-friendly health services and ensure the reduction of inequalities in health.
The project consists of a development, validation, adaptation of YFHS model, pilot implementation of the model in Rokiškis municipality and consulting municipalities implementing model in a later phase. YFHS model include:

  • Establishment of Coordinating Centre in the Public health bureau, which employs active, motivated and trained coordinator who will organize the low threshold, case management and human rights principles-based health care services.
  • Establishment of National internet portal in which youth can obtain reliable, systematic, easily accessible information compiled by experts in a clear and attractive form. This will help youth make healthy life choices and find contacts of health providers. Additionally, youth should be able to connect with the health service providers directly via digital media. The portal will also have a section for the health experts in which the protocols and methodology will be placed and a network of contacts created to encourage communication. Furthermore, during the project several free Wi-Fi hubs will help the youth familiarize with the portal.
  • Establishment of YFHS institutional and functional network based on principle of case management. Complex cross-sectorial and inter-institutional activity network of health care services will be described in 4 protocols (formalized performance algorithms). The protocols will be prepared, and will specify services provision algorithms for mental health, nutrition, reproductive health, and external causes of death prevention.
  • Elaboration of methodological guidance for YFHS model implementation and provision of youth-friendly health services.

The developed model will contribute to youth health and quality of life, reduce mortality rates and health inequality and increase social and economic welfare of the Lithuania.