Trainings for the implementation of the youth-friendly health services
2015 / October / 20
JPSPP modelio diegimo mokymai

10/20/2015 - 10:09

A two day training session was held by the ‘Health economics centre’ for municipality specialists on how to implement the “youth-friendly health services model” and administrate the youth healthcare online platform on October 8-9th in the “Panorama” hotel conference hall at Sodu street 14 Vilnius. This is part of the Norwegian financial mechanism No. LT11 program 2009-2014 “Initiative for public health”.

The training was attended by specialists from the Klaipeda and Vilnius city, Birzai, Elektrenai, Jonava, Klaipeda, Pasvalys, Plunge, Rokiskis, Sakiai, Ukmerge, Varena, region municipalities.

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