SEC projects

The Main Projects Carried out Recently

Reforming of Healthcare in Ukraine 2015-2016, client: EFPIA/European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (Belgium). The aim of the project was to support the system assessment and to propose the policy development, relevant to the country and international donors.

Health Expenditure by Diseases and Conditions (HEDiC), 2013-2016, client: EUROSTAT/ European Commission. The aim of the project is (to develop) a methodology for systematically collecting information on transactions within the health systems in relation to health outcome, meaning prevention, cure or mitigation of specific diseases per patient, broken down by age and sex. This aim should be addressed within the overall goal to increase the use of official public health data within the European Statistical System.

Development of the Model for the Provision of Youth-Friendly Health Care Services ,2014-2017, client: Ministry of Health of Lithuania/Norway Grants. The main objective of the project is to analyse costs of ill health of young people (aged 14-29) (related to mental disorders, external causes, behavioural patterns) as well as develop and implement a youth-friendly health care services model in Lithuania. The main function of the model is to link existing health care service providers into a single network through service delivery algorithms (pathways) and to improve cooperation among sectors (health, education, social protection, law enforcement) to provide effective and coordinated youth-friendly services and thus ensuring the reduction of health inequalities. The Model was developed and implemented in 12 municipalities in Lithuania.

Analysis of Health System reforms. Development of the draft of Lithuanian Health Programme (Strategy), 2011-2012, client: Ministry of Health of Lithuania. The main objective of the project was to analyse development of health care sector in Lithuania with emphasis on epidemiological, social and economic costs from 1999 to 2009 and to design draft of National Health Care Strategy for 2014—2025. Activities, indicators of national health development had been drafted.

Revenues and Expenditures of Lithuanian Statutory Health Insurance Fund Forecast (2001-2010 and 2011-2020), 2001, 2011-2012, client: National Health Insurance Fund. The main objective of the project was dynamics of main macroeconomic (GDP, inflation, wages, labour force) and demographic indicators as well as NHIF revenues and expenditures by providers according optimistic, pessimistic and normative scenarios had been analysed.

Statistical analysis of interconnectivity between economic, social and epidemiological variables in health, 2016, client: European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). The main objective of the project was statistical analysis of interconnectivity between economic, social and epidemiological variables in health.


The other relevant projects of last period

Support to Implementation of Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) in Azerbaijan, 2017-2019. Client: Expertise France, EU funded twinning project. The aim of the project was to develop and support piloting MHI in Azerbaijan and designing nation-wide implementation of mandatory health insurance throughout the country.

Development of health care services in Mykolas Marcinkevičius hospital. Feasibility study, 2018-2019, client: Mykolas Marcinkevičius hospital administration. The main objective of the project Analysis and recommendations for the hospital administration how to improve and develop especially long term, palliative and geriatric care services in Vilnius city and Vilnius region.

Development and improvement of secondary outpatient services provision and increase of accessibility of these in four - Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern - Urban areas (of Vilnius), 2018, client: Vilnius municipality administration.

Improvement of Public Health services in municipalities (Development of a model and infrastructure needed for the provision of public health monitoring services in municipalities and training of public health monitoring specialists), 2013-2014, client: Health Education and Disease Prevention Center /EU funds.

Study on the need, scale, resources and availability of public health services in 10 municipalities, 2012, client: Health Education and Disease Prevention Center /EU Funds

Analysis of health system governance and financing reforms, 2011-2012, client: Lithuanian Ministry of Health/EU Funds. The main objective of the project …

Study on “Financing of Health Care System of Lithuania and Accessibility of Health Care Services to the Population”, 2006, client: Association of Representative Offices of Ethical Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (EFA)

Preparation of Terms of Reference for Service Contract Support to Secondary Health Care Reform Project in Ukraine, Europe Aid FRAMEWORK Contract, 2006.